General Lawn Care and Landscape  
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If it is in your lawn feel free to call on us for mowing, mulching, bush trimming, bush hogging, hardscaping, parking pads, etc.

We recommend mowing and trimming at least once a week during normal season, however certain times of the year it may be necessary to increase or decrease the number of times your lawn is mowed.

Under state law, the "custom application of pesticides" means receiving a fee for the application of one or more pesticides. The definition applies to the application of both restricted-use pesticides and general use pesticides that can be purchased by anyone. If an individual receives compensation for the application of any pesticide, that individual is considered to be engaging in custom application. We are currently in process of obtaining our Limited Herbicide Applicator license to allow us to perform this for you.

Q. "What if you don’t charge for the weed killer, but just the rest of the services? That way you don't need a license, right?"

A. No, we are still receiving monetary compensation for our services, and thus still providing custom application.